Water dispensers

Plastic? NO, THANK YOU.

We reduce the plastic consumption in the company – we do not buy bottled water. All employees at the headquarters have access to non-bottled water dispensers.

In fact, they were in the company well before it became fashionable 😊 Apart from the fact that it is an environmentally-friendly measure it is simply convenient and provides access to beverages all the time. It is also one part of an overall concern for the wellbeing of the employees – in many companies bottled water is only provided in high temperature conditions.

Filter dispensers are one of those small changes we urge other businesses to make – as well as ditching the plastic, it also means better water quality and influencing an environmentally-friendly attitude in teams.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by up to 50 times! (with regard to the purchase of water in plastic bottles). We give up plastic and the whole fuel-consuming storage and supply chain.