MIST – Meden Inmed Sports Team

We strive to put into practice the concept of responsible business and get involved in the local community. One of the aspects we pay attention to, is supporting the sports passions of our employees.  

There is an understanding that a healthy lifestyle is as important as professional medical work. We provide our employees with a great range of support in sports activities that allow them to develop their passions and take good care of their health.  

We practice multiple forms of support for our emloyees’ passions. The company arranges sports gadgets in the form of banners, T-shirts, stickers, as well as rehabilitation care for running, soccer tournaments, cycling, among others. At the same time, we are a sponsor of many sports events like for instance ‘Tour de Koszalin’.  

In 2022, our MIST team placed 15th out of 92 teams at the 6th PKO Charity Run! They covered 43 laps at a total distance of 35 meters.   

The event attracted 5500 participants nationwide, who collectively ran 21136 laps. As a result, the PKO Bank Foundation has donated more than two million zlotys for Child Psychiatry and Psychology.