Occupational Therapy Workshops

Among other things, we use our own upholstery unit to manufacture rehabilitation equipment, where our recliners, headrests and armrests are made every day. It involves a daily production of up to several hundreds of liters of upholstery sponge blanks, thermoplastic sponges or faux leather fabrics that are no longer of any use for us. Hence, our idea to make some use of them and donate the materials to the occupational therapy patients of the Upper Silesian Rehabilitation Center in Tarnowskie Góry, so that, they could be reused. 

They have been transformed into beautiful works of art during occupational therapy workshops, i.e. physical rehabilitation of patients that involves engaging them in various psychomotor activities under the supervision of creative therapists.   

April marks International Earth Day, and our company is constantly striving for the unification of its activities in support of both the community and environmental protection, so we believe that this action most closely meets the criteria that we have adopted.