Association PSONI

Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Polish Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities Koło is an association located in our city. One of the ways of supporting this community is through Occupational Therapy Workshops for people with various disabilities. During the classes, participants contribute in creating beautiful art projects, such as, paintings, decorations, lamps, baskets, furniture, Christmas ornaments and much, much more. Apart from big hearts and undeniable manual skills, they all require multiple art materials and supplies in order to to be able to continue doing so.
Meden-Inmed has been supporting both this and similar institutions for quite a long time. We are among the sponsors of the activities of the institutions, working for the benefit of people in need.

We regularly donate materials that can be used to create beautiful works of art, e.g. upholstery sponges, thermoplastic sponges, faux leather fabrics, etc.