Our green energy

In 2020, we joined the ranks of companies that can boast a modern energy source.

The aim of the project was to commission a photovoltaic installation and install batteries for reactive power compensation. From the installation, we are able to generate about 169,000 kWh of electricity per year, which covers about 36% of the company’s demand. The installation of batteries for reactive power compensation reduces the power factor, extends the life of cables and other components of the power supply network.

The installation at the four sites consists of a total of 640 panels with a total capacity of 198.4 kWp. The ecological investment was supported by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin.

 In addition to the panels, inverters and DC and AC switchgear have been installed. The environmental effect of the investment is to avoid carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and to generate 168,640.00 kWh of green energy per year.