Gender equality

One of the provisions of our corporate Code of Ethics states that we firmly believe that the Company’s potential lies in the diversity of its employees. We expect all employees to foster an atmosphere of respect and to counteract all forms of discrimination based on race or origin, gender, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. We also recognise that it is at times challenging to meet the objectives in practice and we are proud
to have succeeded in doing so and to have carried out particular actions to this end. To confirm this, we would like to present a few facts about our organisation. Meden-Inmed comprises already over 500 professionals and experts in their field. As a manufacturing company, we face the daily struggle to find qualified engineers, specialists and production workers. Although the manufacturing industry is stereotypically male-dominated, in our company, women have long been working in various positions, including management. Thus, here are the facts in figures. In the Production Service Department, of those currently employed, 47% are women. The number of men and women in the Upholstery and Joinery Departments is evenly divided by half. The Electronic Production Department is 75% female, while 33% of the female electronic engineers work directly in electronic assembly. The same number of women found employment with us in the Warehouse.

Meden-Inmed is not only Production. These are also the Departments that support the organisation comprehensively, such as Sales, Marketing, E-commerce and Freight Forwarding. In the Rehabilitation Department 68% of the Sales representatives, are women, while in the Marketing Department it is more than 70%. One may therefore ask: “Where are all the men, then?” No worries. Men currently dominate Departments such as Procurement, Service or IT, as well as Production Brigades. However, we know that it is only a matter of time before we have our first female welder.