Meden-Inmed for Ukraine

February 24, 2022 is a date that will be permanently recorded in the history of the world. In the morning, Russian troops launched an invasion of Ukraine. Alarm sirens went off in Kiev – this was not a drill, but real bombs dropped on Ukrainian cities. The whole situation has shocked the world. Currently, the two States are still at war and Meden-Inmed has been supporting the victims of this conflict, which are the Ukrainian refugees, since the very first days.

Our initial activities were internal – collecting clothes, food, chemicals, toiletries, buying tactical first aid kits and donating them to the front. We also brought several families of our workers fleeing the war from the border and provided them with shelter in Poland.

Over time, the situation began to require wider action, which is why we supported strategic points in our city that hosts the refugees:

  • Caritas of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg Diocese,
  • Union of Ukrainians in Poland, the Group in Koszalin,
  • The Majsternia Association operating at the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God Church in Koszalin,
  • Boarding school at the Motor Vehicle School Complex in Koszalin,
  • Board of Sports Facilities (Gwardia Hall).

By equipping them with hundreds of kilograms of food, chemicals, cosmetics, and even screens to provide a little privacy in the hall. We organized a special fundraiser on, which our foreign partners were also able to support. The Nicolaus Copernicus School Complex No. 1 in Koszalin – “Ekonom” in Koszalin spontaneously organized a festival entitled “Ekonom Youth for Children of Ukraine”, which we had the honour to support as one of the sponsors. We provided two storage halls to store donations for those fighting at the front and those fleeing the war.

The entire Meden-Inmed team was up to the task. Our activities were appreciated and our hearts grew thanks to the touching conversations and visible effects of our help.
One of our most important activities was to provide the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation with specialist equipment for saving life and health, i.e. cardiac monitors and mechanical chest compression apparatus. Thanks to this, the Department of Paediatrics, Haematology and Oncology at the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk received cardiac monitors to monitor patients’ vital signs as part of a campaign to help healthcare units taking in refugees from Ukraine. The total value of the donation was about PLN 100,000.

We continue to be relentless in our efforts to provide real assistance to those in need and stay abreast of the needs of refugees in our city.