Support in the covid-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the biggest challenges the world had had to face. In fact, it was also quite a challenge for our company and our collaboratives. From the very beginning, we were highly involved in helping health facilities, their patients and our employees. In order to minimise the risk of getting ill, we have implemented a remote work within our organization. We created online wellbeing events to ensure that each person was able to find themselves in a new situation. We provided our office and field employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), which we then began donating to external facilities. Our donations included thousands of packages containing, among other things, personal protective equipment and disinfectant solutions. The packages were given to various types of medical centers, associations, foundations and educational institutions. Internally, at any suspicion of an employee’s illness or malaise, we would refer them for tests, which were fully covered by the company. Such measures were intended to protect our employees and minimise work downtime. Furthermore, in cooperation with a medical facility, we organized vaccinations for employees who were interested. The organizers of many initiatives, conferences or competitions could also count on our help.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical support has become of paramount importance. Hospitals and hospices are places where not only qualified medical staff is needed, they also need the proper tools for this kind of work. We have donated protective masks, aprons, face shields and disinfectant solutions to the Specialized Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Complex, Hospice Koszalin, hundreds of civil protection centers such as Voluntary Fire Brigade, medical centers, hospitals, retirement homes and IFRC organisation. In fact, our face shields even flew to Lebanon with the Friend of the Mission Foundation. 

To this day, we are still vigilant about the health and safety of our employees, although we hope with all our hearts that the days of the pandemic will never come back.  

Personal protective equipment for the Hospice in Koszalin

Personal protective equipment for the Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Hospital in Koszalin

Personal protective equipment for our partners